About Us

History Of Minara Chambers Of Commerce

The name Minara was chosen for the Chamber as it aptly reflects the vision and the objectives of the organization. A “Minara” is a tall tower built on a solid base from where announcements are made. It can be seen from far and is a beacon. The Chamber is built on this definition, with solid structures towering from education, ethical conduct,  knowledge and experience of the community which has been built on a solid base of Islamic principles and code of conduct, thus making information, opportunities and linkages thus becoming a beacon towards which the community gathers and together all benefit.


The Mission of the chamber is to provide a guiding vision for businesses and to promote and strengthen business activities for our members.


The vision of the Minara Chamber of Commerce is the establishment of a dynamic and vibrant business community which is guided by an Islamic tenet and which makes a meaningful contribution to the socio economic development of the community of South Africa.

Who We Are

The Minara Chamber of Commerce is a formally constituted organization formed in May 2000 , through an initiative by the Muslim community to create unity between businesses after consultation with a broad spectrum of the business community,  and has since grown tremendously and now serves as a platform to represent and assist South African businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Minara has always endeavoured to partner with Organisations and Institutions with the necessary resources and expertise in the implementation of its programmes and project resulting in much more beneficial and effective outcomes.

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