Minara SMME Committee

Enterprise development is of vital importance to growing the South African economy and a prosperous business community helps to create a successful community.  Business creates the jobs that enable families to attain a good standard of living and gratifying jobs give meaning and purpose to lives. The Minara Enterprise Committee has adopted projects that extend beyond business and human resource development to the promotion of social responsibility amongst our members and in the greater community. A strong community is one that cares. 

Minara has promoted projects, encouraged the support of charities and social services to assist those who are less fortunate and the activities undertaken by the SMME committee guided by these principles has undertaken the following: 

Current and relevant commerce industry information dissemination; frequent interaction with a wide range of government and financial institutions, networking opportunities and business skills training offered. Ethekwini Business Support and Tourism Unit, Durban Fashion Fair and the Small Business Faire Team, KZN Fashion Council,  Business Fairs, Productivity South Africa’s Workplace Challenge programme and the IDC’s Support Programme for Industrial Innovation (SPII) and others were engaged.

Members were informed and encouraged to participate at exhibition and marketing events that were organised by Minara and to participate in events that where member participation was invited. This included marketing Platforms at Trade shows, participation at Conferences, Exhibitions and other Marketing Events hosted in the City, Nationally and Internationally

In time our programmes were focused to current developments and training and education of digital change providing a series of webinars and presentations on platforms and information that will advance the knowledge and skills of smme owners and employees to improve their business. Opportunities for SMME sector is continuously encouraged and promoted on the Chamber’s platforms.  

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