Political Committee

The Minara chamber has since its inception transcended the parameters of a conventional chamber by pro-actively being an agent for positive change in our province and country. The chamber is cognisant of the many debilitating challenges facing our country and its people. The available resources to address these challenges are grossly inadequate and will be further constrained by a sluggish growth rate impaled by an extended global recession. The stability and progress of our nascent democracy hinges upon both the effective redress of the imbalances of the past; and further building a strong, vibrant, prosperous and socially cohesive society. This can however only be facilitated and expedited by fostering an effective partnership between government, business, civil society and labour. The Political Committee of the Minara chamber initiated the first in a series of forums to catalyze this process; with its first Provincial Round Table held at the Durban Country club on 9th October 2013. 

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