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BUSINESS AWARDS 2024 Nominations Now Open Rules:

1. The awards are open to South African Muslims and to majority Muslim-owned
business entities registered and operating in South Africa.
2. Nomination is free and no fee is payable for any nomination.
3. Any person can nominate himself or herself or his or her entity or be
nominated by any other person or organisation in any of the categories.
4. The nominator must confirm the nomination and the nominee must confirm
acceptance of the nomination by appending their respective signatures to the
nomination form.
5. A person or entity may only be nominated in a single category and not in
multiple categories.
6. Incomplete and unsigned nomination forms will not be accepted.
7. For individuals, in addition to any other supporting information, all
nomination forms must be accompanied by a copy of a South African Identity
Document and a personal profile or curriculum vitae.
8. For business entities supporting documents must include the official
registration documents and a company profile.
9. Nominations will only be accepted in respect of business entities that are
engaged in Islamically permissible activities.
10. The Nominee should not have received an award previously from the
Minara Chamber in the previous 7 years and within the same category.
11. The nominee agrees to provide any additional information and to be
interviewed, if requested, in support of the nomination.
12. Nominees consent to their names and images being used by Minara for
marketing purposes and no fee shall accrue to the nominee for such use.
13. Directors and staff of the Minara Chamber and their immediate family
members are not eligible for nomination.
14. Nominations will be adjudicated by an Adjudication Panel appointed by
the Minara Chamber of Commerce.
15. The decision of the Adjudication Panel shall be final and no correspondence
will be entered into.
16. Winners will be announced at the Minara Recognition Awards Dinner.
17. Nominations can be hand delivered or couriered to the Minara Chamber
18. Nominations can also be submitted via email to
19. The closing date for nominations is 31st August 2024

Nomination Form

Categories & Criteria

This award recognises an outstanding majority Muslim-owned business enterprise that has demonstrated exceptional growth and a sector leader. The enterprise must be registeredand compliant with all relevant legislation and regulations. The enterprise is expected tohave adopted innovative and creative strategies supported by good long-term planning inthe achievement of its objectives. The enterprise must be shown to have adopted strongethical and moral values in its operations and must enjoy good stakeholder relations. There are three sub catgeories within the business Entity this year with the criteria as follows:
Large Business: The business must be in existence for more than 10 years, has grown into a market leader, demonstrated diversity, has performed well consistently (bothoperationally and financially), expanded its capacity, developed a sustainable strategy andadopted best practice and governance.
Medium Business: The business must be in existence for more than 6 years, has grown into a market leader, has performed well consistently (both operationally and financially), has a future growth trajectory and is adopting best practice and governance.
Startup Business: The business must already be in existence, less than 6 years old, has a demonstrable financial sustainability, is innovative and is adopting new processes for operations.

This award recognises an outstanding individual who currently leads or manages a successful business.
Criteria: The nominee must be managing or owning a successful business and must have a track record of
at least 10 years in business. During this time the nominee must have demonstrated strong commitment
and dedication and excellent leadership coupled with a modern managerial outlook.The nominee should
have a balanced outlook between community and society.

The Businesswoman of the Year is an outstanding female who is currently leading her own business.
Criteria:The nominee must be leading her own business and have been in business for at least 5 years.The
nominee must demonstrate leadership, a modern managerial outlook, vision and commitment. The
individual must show a balance between business and community involvement.

This award recognises a Young Entrepreneur who demonstrates entrepreneurship and innovation and
shows the potential for excellence. This award recognises those special traits that make successful
entrepreneurs so inspiring.
Criteria:The Entrepreneur must be below the age of 35 and must have been in the same business for more
than three years. The Nominee must have started the business and be fully involved in the business. The
enterprise must be innovative, show strong sustainability, growth and potential.

An award presented to a professional who has reached the pinnacle of achievement in his/her profession.
Criteria: The individual has not only mastered his/her chosen profession but through diligence, dedication
and commitment has set the benchmark for achievement in the chosen profession.This award is for a high
achiever of exceptional talent in a profession

An award presented to a male or female, living or deceased who has made an exceptional contribution in
the field of community service.
Criteria: Anyindividual who has been selflessin service to humanity and whose contribution has benefitted

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