Minara Business & Professional Women

Women empowerment is a global phenomenon and one that the Minara Chamber of Commerce aims to fulfill with the establishment of Minara Business & Professional Women (MBPW). MBPW was formed in 2011 and seeks to unite South African women with different talents and skills by providing a platform for self-empowerment and business development amongst women in South Africa. 

 To date, there have been 3 successful conferences that brought together 300 women from various businesses and backgrounds on one platform to attain knowledge, share skills, and network that provided self-development and business acumen. Many entrepreneurs from the informal sector were provided training and opportunities on bulk buying and skills development as a result of these conferences.  Various seminars have been hosted to promote women in business and we now believe that women have made a phenomenal evolution within the corporate and business space be it a home business or a CEO of a corporate company. It is now time to be all-inclusive on platforms and opportunities in the world.  

Key Roles:

  • Empowering and advancing women in business and professionals 
  • Skills development, workshops and leadership programmes 
  • Networking opportunities 
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