Quality Services

The Minara Chamber of Commerce provides a platform for businesses to benefit by collaborating, cooperating and supporting each other. Minara provides the following services to its members:

Creating Business Networking Opportunities

Hosting of Inbound and Outbound Trade Missions

Promotion of Youth & Women Entrepreneurship

Initiating research and development

Hosting of Inbound and Outbound Trade Missions

Training seminars, workshops and mentorship programs

Advocacy, lobbying & networking in various forums at the national, provincial & local levels in the Governmental & Economic spheres.

Providing and facilitating access to information and business best practice

Dissemination of information via the Minara website, Minara Newsletter and mainstream and community media.

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Minara has always endeavoured to partner with Organisations and Institutions with the necessary resources and expertise in the implementation of its programmes and project resulting in much more beneficial and effective outcomes.

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