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The Minara Chamber of Commerce will be publishing its Business Magazine 2021. This year’s magazine will as previously be a full colour magazine with 1500 copies printed and distributed nationally. The Magazine  will profile individuals that have been innovative within the business and professional capacities and contributed to community development and support ever since the Covid19 pandemic affected South Africa 2020. Articles from local and International authors focused on business development and leadership will also make up this dynamic magazine that will allow readers an interesting read. 

The magazine will provide Businesses a platform to advertise and gain a further reach of clients and keep their brand presence with existing clients. 

By advertising in this Magazine not only are you extending the reach of your business but contributing to the operations of the Chamber to continue to provide business support  and maintain programmes that have,  and will provide support  business development to South African businesses and other social development projects facilitated by the Chamber. 

Bookings close 13th August 2021 .For more information on advertising rates and article contributions you may contact our offices via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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