Loyalty Benefits

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Minara Chamber of Commerce has partnered with a few member organisations to offer Minara Member's preferential discounts on various products and services. Currrently Nashua Mobile (Broadway Mobile) offering a discount of 15% on Nashua Mobile business contracts and Thrfty Car Rental offering a discount equivalent to 27.75% off the rack rate on car rentals.

To qualify for these discounts, individuals or businesses must be a member of the Minara Chamber of Commerce. To apply for membership please go to the link: Membership.


contact: Fiona Angelico

Thrifty Car Rental prides on their commitment to service excellence and one of their keys to success is their ability to listen to our customers and react quickly and effectively to meet their needs. Thrifty Car Rental is one of the fastest growing car rental Companies in South Africa, conveniently located at all the Major Airports in South Africa ensuring a quick turnaround time and the counters to ensure your renters are not delayed by long queue and an on-line booking medium for your convenience.

Thrifty as a loyalty partner to Minara Chamber of Commerce is offering Minara members a competitive car rental rate which is valid for 12 months and will tailor make your specific car rental needs to make your car rental experience cost effective, easy and convenient.

Minara Members will automatically qualify for Thrifty's level 3 corporate discount rate entitling them to a 15% discount of the standard rack rate + an addittional 15% discount off the discounted rate, with a net effct of a 27.75% saving off the original rack rate. This discount will not qualify on specials offered by Thrifty.

Directory listing

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The Minara Chamber of Commerce is compiling a directory of Muslim Businesses and Professional firms located in South Africa. The Directory, the first of its kind, will become a source of information for consumers and a form of advertising for businesses. To be launched later this year, the directory will be professionally compiled, printed in a high-gloss format and distributed nationally. Listings will be categorized by types of businesses and separated by provinces in South Africa.

We invite all businesses and professional firms to list their details in this directory.

Line listing is free and businesses who wish to advertise in block listings will be charged for the block.
To be listed in our directory, please fill in the form below:



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Eight Ways to Say Thank You
by Andrea Nierenberg

Good   salespeople strive to be in front  of  customers  as  often as possible.  When  we  think  about it,  our clients and  prospects give us many opportunities  to  stay  in  their minds  in  positive  and non - threatening
ways.  Yet  we  very  often overlook these  opportunities. One  of  the easiest  and most effective  ways  to stay in touch  is  with  the power  of  the personal  note. In research I've conducted  in  my  consulting,  I ask  the question, " How  many  of  you send personal notes  to  people?'' I  also  ask,  “How  many  of  you receive  personal notes  from  clients or business associates?''  The response indicates  that  few people take  this  practice  seriously.  As a  follow  up, I  ask,  Has anyone received notes  of  appreciation , and  how does  that  make  you feel?''  I trust  that  you  know  the answer to this last question. Here are eight  opportunities  to  send  a ''thank  you, '' and  when  and how  to  do  it effectively:

1 When customers  do  business  with  you every  time, write  a short, personalized ''thank  you'' on an interesting  card, letterhead,  or  even  a postcard that says,  "I  appreciate  your  business, thank  you.''
You  can never  say thank  you to someone too  many  times.  We  all  appreciate  the fact that people go out
of their  way to make us feel important  and recognised.

2 When they compliment you. When a  client  compliments you  about  something,  it's  an  opportunity to jot off  a little note of thanks,  saying, "Thank you  for taking the  time  for making my day. I  appreciate it.''  Compliments are  given so rarely,  so  take  the  lead  to  say thank  you when you get  one.

3 When clients  offer comments or suggestions. It's a  wonderful gift when a  client  gives you  a comment or a  suggestion  on  how you  might do something  better  or  different.  They're also giving you an incredible buying signal.  They  might really be saying,  "If you  make  that  change, your product  or service  will  be  more  attractive to me.''  Here's  how to start  this  type  of  note: "Thank you  for   your suggestion on how  I can  better  serve you. I'm  in  business  to  do  exactly that.  And   you make my job easier and  so  much  more  enjoyable when you  provide input.''

4 When customers  try something  you recommend. When   clients buy  into  something new, solely based on your suggestion,  they're going  out of their  "comfort   zone.'' They are  putting trust  in  you  and your product.  This  calls for  another special  note that could  read, "Thank you  for your trust  in  me. I  value
your business.''

5 When customers  recommend you. This is the  best  form  of  advertising  you can  ever  get.  It's  so  easy to take the  time  and go back to our  advocate, and  say,  ''thank you  for referring  me  to ___________. I will keep  you posted and  informed  on  what  develops.  It  means a  great deal to me to know that you're willing  to  recommend me.  I appreciate it.''  This  type  of  ''thank you''  might include  a small  gift  as  well.

6 When customers  are patient, or not  so  patient.  Our clients  help us when they give us time to learn how  to  best  serve them.  Often this requires their  patience. On the  other hand,  they give us a  "wake up call''  when  they  ask us to hurry  up. When this happens  they  might really be saying,  "Hey  remember me?  Keep  me  in  mind, or I   just  might get  swept away by the  competition.'' In either case,  pull  out a  note  card  again,  and  let  them  know  how important  they  are  to you. Perhaps  say, "Thanks  for keeping me on my toes.  I appreciate how  you help me keep   your  business.” 

7 When clients  say ''no'' to you. You've just pitched  an  account  and you  didn't  get their  business, this time. It's still  an  opportunity  to  write a  short note.  Thank them for  their time,  their  consideration   and their  honesty.  Keep  the door opened by being  friendly  and courteous. Research I  conducted in the  last  four years  shows that almost 20%  of  my  business  comes from prospects  that  said  no  the first  time. People remembered the  notes  I sent and  it  made  a difference.    Such  a  difference  that  I  got referrals, even  from  contacts who  were  not able to use  my services themselves.

8 When customers  make  you smile. I  have  one client who  e-mails me jokes  all the  time. Another  one will call up and  give  me some good news.  Whatever  it  is, it makes  me  smile,  and  I want clients  to know that they've  made  me  feel  good. I'll send them a  note  with  one of those  little  smile faces  stickers. This technique  always  gets  noticed and  remembered.

Finally, here's my thank  you note to you:

Dear reader,

Thanks for  taking  the time to read my article. I  know  that  you're busy.  As  a ''thank  you''  gift, I  want to share  what  I call my ''Power  of  Three.'' Every day  take  15  minutes at the  beginning  or  end of the day  and write  three short  goodwill  notes: one  to  a prospect,  one to a  client  and one  to  a friend.  Just say hi,  send  an  article,  or  say thanks and  make  it  specific.  When  you do this,  at  the end  of  the week you'll  have  made  15 ''goodwill ''  contacts, and  at  the end  of  the year,  750.  Think of the  ''business seeds '' you'll have planted. Some of this could  germinate  into  additional  business.


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Just as you think that there is no help for you to grow your business, there is…


The grants are based on the principle of shared investment. The applicant is an existing business that wants to grow. It has some of the funds but needs a helping hand for the balance. The following terms and conditions apply.


The BBSDP is a cost-sharing grant offered to black-owned small enterprises, to assist them in improving their competitiveness and sustainability, in order to become integrated into the main economy. It provides grants to a maximum of R800 000 for tools, machinery and equipment, and R200 000 for business development and training interventions per eligible enterprise, to improve the business’s corporate governance, management, marketing, productivity and use of modern technology


An opportunity not to be missed!

for more information read the attached document and contact:


Awakening Excellence

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..za

Cell: 0836353831

Islamic Finance Business Awards

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The Minara Chamber of Commerce congratulates the Winners of the 6th Annual IslamicFinance Business Awards which was held in Johannesburg on 30th September 2011.

The nominees and winners represent a diverse range of businesses across various sectors proving that passion for business combined with good ethics brings success.

The winners in the various categories are :

Entrepreneur of the Year:
Reaaz Ahmed of Good Hope Meats of Cape Town

Small Business Entity of Year:
Sportline Auto of Johannesburg

Medium / Large Business Entity of Year:
Classic Trading of Durban

Corporate Social Responsibility Award:
IPCI of Durban

Special Recognition Award
Gift of the Givers -  Dr Imtiaz Sooliman

Lifetime Achievement Award
Abdul Razak Moosa of Willowton Group

The Minara Chamber of Commerce congratulates the winners.

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