Minara 20 years of democracy

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High ranking politicians and captains of industry were treated to a lavish and emotionally driven 20 Years of Democracy celebration dinner hosted by the Minara Chamber of Commerce.

Minara Recognition Awards

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The Minara Recognition Awards were established for the two primary purposes of firstly recognizing and acknowledging achievement, excellence, commitment and sacrifice for the greater good of humanity and secondly providing an inspiration to the current and succeeding generations to pursue the traits and exploits of these luminaries that are recognized. The Minara Recognition Awards has within its hall of fame many icons and luminaries and has set a benchmark for achievement. The Awards function has become a premier event in the calendar of the community and has been graced by icons and luminaries from past struggle heroes to the current President himself. 

Press Release: Entrepreneurship one of the five objectives of the Minara Chamber

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The Minara Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Global Entrepreneur Week Durban 2015 (GEW 2015) to catalyze a vibrant entrepreneur community in the city. This forms part of the Chamber’s focus on empowering youth and entrepreneurs in an inspiring environment to make positive change. The GEW/ Minara Day will encourage Youth Entrepreneurs to build networks for their businesses and position their ideas.

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