Ramadan Mubarak

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The Minara Chamber of Commerce extends greetings to all Muslims during this blessed month of Ramadan .

May Allah swt accept all our prayers and supplications and may He enter us into the ranks of those who He is pleased with. Ameen!


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Minara Chamber will be joining forces with Sparkport Pharmacy and IMA Baytul Nur to provide items required by the LAKEHAVEN CHILD AND YOUTH CARE CENTRE, as part of its contribution towards the Mandela Initiative.

Minara Chamber of Commerce Recognition Awards and Dinner 22 November 2013 NMJ Hall, Durban

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The tapestry of this temporal life is embellished with the exceptional people that passage it. These outstanding personalities are the protagonists of the unfolding of events and create history. They leave an indelible impression of their existence; to shape not only their lives but of their contemporaries and succeeding generations. The distinction of their being is defined by enriching the world beyond the material, to leave to the world in awe of them in their lifetime and in glory in their absence.

Financial Fitness

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Minara Chamber of Commerce  

In Partnership with

KwaZulu Natal Treasury Literacy Association & Nedbank

Hereby invites you to an informative workshop on

Financial Fitness

With all of the recent downfalls in the economy, Minara Chamber and KZN Treasury Literacy programme have joint forces to educate and empower the KZN community on being Financially Fit by hosting a workshop presentation as follows:


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