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15 April 2021

Global Trade Promotions - Sultanate of Oman

 March 2021 - In an initiative to promote global trade and expand business opportunities, Minara Chamber of Commerce hosted virtual meetings with Foreign Embassies in South Africa to discuss sectors opportunities for export and import with perspective Embassies.
With our second consecutive meeting, the Chamber hosted Ambassador Mubarak Al-Zakwani , Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman.
Ambassador Al-Zakwani was quite pleased to meet with the Minara Chamber Executives and expressed that the chamber executives are welcome to visit the Embassy physically for further discussions on Trade and investment collaborations.
As part of the discussion H.E. Al-Zakwani explained that the Sultanate developing a new strategy plane for trade and investment and once it available it will be forwarded to the Chamber and then meets again for further discussions.
 Furthermore, Ambassador added that due the drop of oil prices the Sultanate started divorcing its economy by developing alternative sectors like Tourism, Agriculture, Trade and Ports infrastructure.
Therefore, a lot of cooperation opportunities between Oman and South Africa in the above mentioned sectors and also in food export, trade and mining.
Ambassador also encouraged South African business men and women to visit Oman and share ideas of cooperation with their counterparts. H.E. also commended the South African Medical and Engineering studies and wishes to send Omani undergraduates to study them in South Africa.

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