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07 August 2020

Africa France Summit 2020

The Africa France Summit dedicated to sustainable cities will take place on June 4 and 6, 2020 in Bordeaux - France. (  The French government has decided to invite 1000 entrepreneurs from the African continent, through a Challenge called “The Challenge of 1,000”.


Winners will be invited (one person per organization): the costs of the plane tickets and 3-days accommodation in Bordeaux will be fully beared.


Winners will have a space in the entrepreneurs’ stands at the City of Solutions.

Entrepreneurs will be able to present their companies or projects, seek financing, partners and express themselves on their innovations and concerns during the Summit, on the City of Solutions. This professional fair will last 3 days and will bring together African and French companies, civil societies and funders around the challenges of sustainable cities in Africa and France.



What are the main condition to apply to the challenge of 1,000 :

       To be an African entrepreneur, having an activity related to one of the 7 districts of The City of Solutions

       Access to essential services, (Safety, Resources, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Risk Management, Vulnerable communities)

        Feeding the cities, (Urban and suburban Agriculture, Agribusiness, Shops, restaurants)

        Building and enhancing the city, (Architecture, Construction and Buildings, Street Furniture, green Areas, parks and Gardens, Urban Art)

        Moving around the city / visit the city, (Transport infrastructure, Mobility, Acess, Sustainable Tourism)

        Living in the city, (Affordable Housing, Healthcare, Education and training, Culture, Sports and Leisure Activities)

        Financing and structuring projects,

        Connecting the city (Digital, tech for good…)

       The organization needs a real legal existence (legal statute)

       The organization should have an increasing revenue

       The organization should bear a viable product or solution, innovative or duplicable at a lower cost, to make French and African cities more sustainable from an environmental and social point of view.


How to participate and Calendar

Call for projects online on : October 18 – February 29, 2020

Selection of the best applications, apply as soon as possible! : Every month

Nomination of the 1.000 winners : End of April, 2020

The Africa-France Summit in Bordeaux, France : June 4, 5 and 6, 2020

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