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19 February 2020

Appointment of Minara Board of Directors and Executives

23 April 2019




As Salaamu Alaikum (Peace and Greetings)


The Minara Chamber of Commerce held its Annual General Meeting and Elections recently on 17th April 2019 and are proud to announce the new board of Directors.


  1. Asgar Mahomed
  2. Ashraf Essop
  3. Aslam Ismail
  4. Dawood Lockhat
  5. Ebrahim Patel                         
  6. Ebrahim Vawda                     
  7. Fawzia Peer (Deputy Mayor)             
  8. Naseem Kathrada
  9. Nazareen Ebrahim
  10. Razak Jooma                            
  11. Solly Suleman
  12. Zain Mitha


The Executive committee is as follows:

Ø  Solly Suleman – President

Ø  Fawzia Peer ( Deputy Mayor) – Vice President

Ø  Asgar Mahomed – Deputy Vice President

Ø  Treasurer – Dawood Lockhat

Ø  Deputy Treasurer – Zain Mitha

Ø  Secretary General – Razak Jooma


We express our sincere appreciation to the outgoing Board and welcome the new Directors.


As a business organisation that evolves to remain relevant to the needs of our members and stakeholders, Minara will be embarking on a number of innovative strategies to continue building on the legacy of the previous board.


Central to this will be a focus on trade, entrepreneurship, youth and women. A Panel of Experts made up of experienced professionals will be appointed to provide input on pertinent issues. Two-way communication with the Chamber will be enhanced through various activities on specific sector focus that will further the development of Business and communities.


We value the support of our members and look forward to your input and suggestions on how we can further create opportunities for our diverse membership.  



Kind Regards


Solly Suleman


Minara Chamber of Commerce

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